Microsoft has announced a new app that allows users to send short instant messages via email, just like a quick short chat. Dubbed as ‘Send’, the app curbs the need for that lengthy email process on their smartphones, especially for cases when all you need to do is send a short reply.

“While tools like text messaging and IM are great for short messages, you often don’t have your co-worker’s cell phone number or an IM app on your work phone,” writes Microsoft’s Outlook team in a blog post. “And we’ve heard loud and clear from people at work, they want all their communications available in Outlook—even if they send them from other apps.”

The app ignores those signatures and subject lines that are core components in an email, though Microsoft notes that “all Send messages comply with your organization’s email compliance policies—they are treated” It also integrates itself with Office 365, arranging those contacts on top of the list which are most contacted. To make it appear less cluttered, Send only displays messages started via the app, though conversations are synced with Outlook, allowing users to pick up the chat from within their email account.

Microsoft notes that Send can come in really useful when co-workers need to quickly interact and explains: ‘don’t send the presentation yet!” or “let’s chat in 10,” for instance. Send could also find its place for simple back-and-forth conversations, like ‘are you in the office today?’ / ‘No.’

Send is the latest offering coming out of Microsoft Garage, an initiative that allows its employees turn concepts in real-time projects, which mostly have been mobile apps for different platforms.

Surprisingly, the app was initially developed for iOS, as its Windows and Android versions will be released later. For now, the app is only open to those with Office 365 business and school email accounts, though the company plans the apps general availability in the coming future. iOS users in Canada and the US can now download Send via the iTunes store. Overall, the whole idea behind Send sounds quite innovative and useful, it’ll be interesting to see how users respond to the app whom today have a plethora of instant messaging apps at their disposal like WhatsApp, Messenger or just the evergreen SMS.


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