Microsoft has now shed some more light on the mysterious Windows 8.1 RT Update 3, revealing a few facts about the future of Windows RT devices on its Windows 10 FAQ page. As we all know the end of Windows RT devices is near, and lately the Windows maker announced that it’ll be pushing a minor update in September that will bring a new Start menu along with an updated lock screen.

The Start menu addition would certainly be welcoming for the handful of Windows RT users, which is expected to start rolling out in the month of September. Though it’s still unclear whether the update will allow users to switch between a full-screen Start screen or a smaller Start menu, which is something new introduced with Windows 10.

The exact details of the update have not yet been divulged, and it seems that Cortana and Universal Apps will indeed not be included with the new update that will surely be disappointing for a lot of Surface RT users.

The forthcoming update would signify the death of tablets like Surface RT, Surface 2, Lumia 2520 and a few more. Windows RT was introduced under the leadership of Steve Ballmer in 2012 along with Windows 8, apparently to showcase the power of the new OS on a tablet. However, their inability to run desktop apps slowly led to their demise, with customers and manufacturers not really showing any amount of interest in the whole concept.

Now it appears that the Redmond giant is trying to mop it up in a rather gentle way. The company had effectively rendered the entire Windows RT idea dead, as OEMs no longer showed any interest to produce tablets for the OS.

Remember Windows Phone 7.8, which apparently provided Windows Phone 7 users with the minor upgrade as they were not able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8, the same scenario applies here.


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