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Apple iWatch screen size will be changed from 1.8-inch to 1.5-inch

Latest reports indicate that Apple is planning to change the screen size of the Apple iWatch from 1.8-inch to 1.5-inch. Apple iWatch is the smartwatch from Apple that has been in rumors since a long time. It is supposed to be a device that will work flawlessly with your Apple iPhone and let you do a lot of activities without having to touch your phone every time.

So with all that being said, and considering that the Apple iWatch is already in its final stages, this is some really interesting news! Latest reports from The Economic Times indicate that Apple is has planning to use a smaller sized display on the iWatch, and that the device will be launched as early as fall this year.

The Apple iWatch had a 1.8-inch display, which according to Apple will be too big for the wrists of most users. Hence the company decided to reduce the size of display and bring it down to 1.5-inches. Another report also says that Apple has already ordered 1,000 units of Apple iWatch from Foxconn for testing purposes. There is no information available about whether these test devices have the initial 1.8-inch display or the 1.5-inch display.

One after the other, The Economic Times have posted a number of reports which gives us information about the Apple iWatch. So it seems that there is some great work going on at Apple and as soon as Foxconn delivers the 1,000 units, then the testing phase will begin. And if Apple does launch the Apple iWatch by fall this year, it could be the first ‘wearable computer’ and a big hit for the company.

The Apple WWDC has been scheduled for June and we hope that Apple gives us an idea about iWatch and its current status.

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