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Sony PlayStation 4 console to be unveiled at the E3 event this year


Sony has announced that the company’s next-gen gaming console, the Sony PlayStation 4 will be unveiled at the E3 event this year. So gamers, fans and enthusiasts who have been waiting to check out the Sony PlayStation 4 console now have a date and time when they will be able to finally check out the successor to the PlayStation 3.

Just one day before the official Xbox event which was going to be held at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington, Sony made a big announcement. Sony rolled out a new video which teases the Sony PS4’s hardware with a blurry black rectangle and flashes of design details. So just before the Xbox event, Sony played another important card and got the attention from consumers all around the world.

Even though the video did not show the PS4 console design clearly, we know that we will get to see it soon at the E3 event. Even though Microsoft have completely unveiled the next-gen Xbox, the Sony PlayStation 4 console will be unveiled on June 10th at the company’s E3 presentation.

This year, the E3 event (Electronic Entertainment Expo) will be held from the 11th of June through the 13th of June at the Los Angeles Convention center. So it is just a matter of days before we actually get to see the PS4 console, and since Sony has made us all wait for such a long time, we hope that the event is really something and worth the wait.

Finally, even though the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 have been announced on different dates and the actual consoles too will be unveiled on different dates, both consoles will be available in the consumer market during the holiday season of 2013. And as of now, none of the companies have revealed the pricing details.

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