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Microsoft Xbox One – The All-In-One Home Entertainment System


Microsoft has finally unveiled its next-gen gaming console, the Microsoft Xbox One. And as it was already mentioned in recent rumors, the Microsoft Xbox One is an ‘All-In-One Home Entertainment System.’ So instead of just being a hardcore gaming console, the device also focuses on family, entertainment and lifestyle.

It seems that Microsoft has been focusing on all the different types of media that are becoming popular in the world today. Gaming is no longer the only thing that attracts people, and hence along with gaming, Microsoft also wants to provide for everything else that consumers might need. When the Microsoft Xbox One console was introduced on stage at the event, Don Mattrick from Microsoft said that the console is “Where all of your entertainment comes alive in one place.”


“To continue to lead, we must provide compelling answers to new questions,” Mattrick said. When trying to explain how and what the company had in mind with respect to the Xbox One, he said that the company wanted to “Design and build an all-in-one system to light up a new generation of games, TV and entertainment.” He also added saying that this mission was “simple, instant and complete.”

So from the looks of it, hardcore gamers should not have any problems with the console. However, you might have to share your Xbox One with your family and friends a lot now, thanks to the other ways of entertainment provided by Microsoft.

Xbox One Specifications

The Microsoft Xbox One has a native 64-bit architecture and is powered by an 8-core CPU. The console also has an in-built 500GB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and a Blu-ray drive. As far as connectivity is concerned, there is HDMI in and out, 802.11n Wi-Fi and USB 3.0. This is the hardware configuration of the Xbox One as most people will see it.

But according to Marc Whitten from Microsoft, one of the biggest advantages of the Xbox One is its architecture. He said that the company has combined three operating systems in one to deliver the seamless transition between games, applications, and live entertainment. The Xbox architecture combines with Windows, via a third OS that handles fast switching between multi-tasking apps.

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