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Samsung Galaxy S4 available in Gold Plating, price range £1700


Samsung Galaxy S4, the next-gen flagship device of the Korean smartphone giant is now available with a gold plating treatment. Consumers who have always wanted a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone that will look special can now buy one for the price of about £1700.

After the Apple iPhone that became extremely popular as one of the smartphones that was available with a gold plating, it is the Samsung Galaxy S4 that has followed. The Galaxy S4 is now available with a gold plated rim.

The device is offered by Goldgenie, and those who do not really like a plain gold plated rim can also choose platinum or rose gold. So in all, there are three different options provided by Goldgenie namely Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold. And yes, the prices are different, but the difference is very small, so you can freely choose what kind of plating you want without having to worry about the final price. And if you are really interested in the prices, here they are:

  • £1697 – Gold
  • £1757 – Platinum
  • £1727 – Rose Gold

Another added advantage is that Goldgenie will provide you with a Samsung Galaxy S4 that is ‘SIM FREE AND UNLOCKED TO WORK ON ANY NETWORK IN THE WORLD’ as the website says. If you compare this luxury Samsung Galaxy S4 with other luxury smartphones, you will know that the Galaxy S4 is really not that costly.

The only possible drawback consumers might have to bare with is that as of now, Goldgenie offers only the 16GB variation of the Galaxy S4. So if 16GB is enough for you and you don’t mind spending roughly £1700 for your new smartphone, then go ahead and get yourself a unique Galaxy S4. Here is the link.

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