Windows 10 Mobile

Just yesterday, new screenshots of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 running on a Lumia 929 surfaced on China’s Teiba forums. And as expected, Microsoft has now rolled out the Build for the Fast Ring Windows Insiders.

Apparently it took a long time for the Windows maker to finally get this build out to Insider Preview program, primarily because the company had been rather occupied with finalizing their latest Windows 10 for personal computers, surprising everyone with their new upgrade process for the OS on desktops, laptops, and hybrids.

It had been over a month since Microsoft announced the last Windows 10 Mobile build 10166, and it seems the company has managed to fix about 2000 bugs with the latest Build 10512. The latest build offers considerable performance and stability improvements, along with layout changes, better writing algorithms, and other bug fixes. It also gets a slew of tweaks, for instance, the ability to use any picture from the Photos app and set it as a background image on your lock screen and Start screen.

The Build 10512 also seems noticeably faster, offering a smoother experience as animations now work really well, while popular apps like MSN News and MSN Weather seem more or less finalized. In addition, it also gets a plethora of Windows 10 wallpapers, most notably being the ‘hero’ lock screen found on Windows 10 desktop version.

Meanwhile, Live Tiles now appear much more aesthetically pleasing giving the OS a much livelier feel. It’s nice to see Live Tiles animations working in tandem with native apps giving the OS a nice refreshing feel.

Windows 10 Mobile

Though as with any preview builds, this one is also laden with several bugs with a lot of features still missing. For instance, mobile hotspot functions are still not supported with build 10512 while Windows Store still works miserably. Even the lock screen information has an annoying delay before a user’s info or PIN are visible.

With that being said, the latest Build 10512 still is a significant improvement over its predecessor, which is fair enough as that’s the point of releasing these builds so that future builds can be improved upon. Windows 10 Mobile is following the path laid down by its desktop counterpart, a few more builds are and we should be seeing significant improvements making it more or less ready for use.

Users who wish to upgrade to the latest build are advised to do a master reset and opt for a clean install as it fixes many bugs and performance issues.


While just last week, a Chinese website posted images of a handset running Windows 10 Mobile of what is believed to be the next Lumia flagship device, the Lumia 950 XL. The 5.7-inch phablet will reportedly be launched alongside the 5.2-inch Lumia 950 in September, while shipping is expected to start in November. Price range of these devices still remain a mystery.

In the meantime, do share your experiences about the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 in the comments section below.


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