After successfully unveiling the Microsoft Xbox One, the company has announced the next-gen Kinect for the same. So the next-gen gaming console from Microsoft gets the next-gen Kinect. This new version will be an upgrade to the Kinect that was used with the earlier console, the Microsoft Xbox 360.

This next-gen Kinect is as interesting as the Microsoft Xbox One. Of course, it is an upgrade to the older Kinect, but there a lot of cool and interesting features in the new Kinect that you are going to love. For instance, the next-gen Kinect will allow you to interact with the device and play games using your voice and hand movements.

Apart from this, the new Kinect offers higher level of detail with increased resolution, higher accuracy and provides support for up to six people at a time. The device also has a newly designed microphone which allow for more accurate understanding of voice commands, hence improving the performance and efficiency of the console.

Using voice commands , you can now switch between live TV, Xbox Dashboard and also switch between different apps and snap apps. The new Kinect also allows you to use universal gestures like grab and pan in order to control your console.

Coming to the part that consumers will find useful, the new Kinect has improved video capabilities which allows the device to recognize the user and his actions with a very high level of accuracy. So now, with the help of the new Kinect, your Xbox One will not only be able to understand your position, but will also be able to understand your balance, the way you shift your weight and will also monitor your heartbeat during exercises.

Lastly, another good part is that this new Kinect will be bundled with every Microsoft Xbox One unit so you will not have to buy one separately. The Microsoft Xbox One console is expected to hit the shelves by holiday season this year.