The Sony PS4 prices was revealed online on the official Sony India website, weeks before the actual console will be revealed at E3 this year. But soon enough, the listing was taken down which indicates that the price might have been revealed by mistake.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is the successor to the Sony PlayStation 3 and is the company’s next-gen gaming console that has already been announced. At the time of the official announcement, the company did not reveal the actual PS4 console, and all we got to really see was the newly designed PS4 controller.

And just when Sony announced the date when the console would be revealed, we get a listing on the official Sony India website which shows us the price of the next-gen console.

The PlayStation 4 product page on Sony India listed a base model of the PS4 console with a 250GB hard drive priced for €399. Before you starting drawing conclusions, there are two important things that you need to know about this incident. The first being that the listing has been taken down and is no longer available on the official Sony India website, nor is it available on any of the other Sony websites. And second, there is no actual screenshot of this listing available either.

The first point is very much possible and we are completely okay with it, but in a world where technology and internet has reached almost every part of the world, we are shocked to see that none of the sources bothered to take a screenshot of the pricing. So until we do not have any new update or get a proper screenshot, we request you to take this info with a grain of salt (plenty of salt actually).

We will definitely get back to you with new updates as and when we have them, so stay tuned.