The Samsung Galaxy S4 has crossed the 10 million sales mark in less than a month, starting from the day on which the device was available in the market. With this new milestone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has broken all records and has become the company’s fastest selling phone ever.

Just last week, the co-CEO of Samsung, Shin Jong-kyu told the media that he ‘expected the Galaxy S4 to pass 10 million channel sales this week.’ And just as he expected, the Galaxy S4 has crossed the 10 million mark.

Now coming to the interesting part, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has also crossed the 10 million mark in its prime time last year, but Galaxy S3 took 2 months to reach the 10 million mark. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has literally smashed that record by completing the milestone ‘20 times faster’ than the Galaxy S3.

This is definitely a worthy record, but let us not forget that the record is for 10 million ‘channel sales.’ Channel sales means that the devices are sold to retailers and operators, not the actual consumers (end-users). Even though the sales have been made to retailers and operators, it does mean that Samsung is progressing at a very good rate.

Samsung has been setting a lot of new channel sales records. In January this year, Samsung had reached another milestone, the company’s Galaxy series of smartphones crossed the 100 million channel sales mark. And within 7 months of its launch, the Samsung Galaxy S3 crossed the 40 million channel sales mark.

Now it is time to compare the sales of Samsung, especially the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the sales of the Apple iPhone 5. So even though the above figures might seem impressive, you will be even more impressed when you know how well the Apple iPhone 5 has been doing.

When it comes to setting records and crossing targets, no one seems to be as good as the Apple iPhone 5. In less than a week of its launch, the Apple iPhone 5 crossed the 5 million consumer sales mark. This is a very high level of achievement, and for those who do not know as of now, the actual time it took for the iPhone 5 to cross the 5 million mark was just ‘three days.’