According to comScore’s latest findings, Facebook now occupies the top two spots in the US app market. While Facebook’s social networking service remains the top app in the US market, it seems the company’s strategy to make its Messenger a standalone app is paying huge dividends as it bags the number two spot, stealing the position from Google’s YouTube.

The company’s social networking service Facebook occupies 73.3 percent share of the app audience, followed by its standalone Messenger app with 59.5 percent share. YouTube comes third lagging behind Messenger by just 0.2 percent at 59.3 percent while Google’s Search comes fourth at 52 percent.

Recently announced Apple Music has clawed its way in the top 15 sitting at number 14 ahead of Snapchat. While micro-blogging site Twitter has moved up by one spot to number 13. Surprisingly, WhatsApp which on Thursday announced it had reached an active user base of 900 million, is nowhere to be seen on the list. Though given the fact that WhatsApp is more popular among Asian users, hence the reason it did not make it in the top 15 as comScore numbers only take into account the number of WhatsApp users in the United States.


And while YouTube loses the number 2 spot, the company isn’t exactly sitting idle as just last week it announced YouTube Gaming available on both Android and iOS, which has already garnered a lot of attention.

comScore also released the top smartphone OEMs in the U.S for the period ending July. According to them, Apple was ranked as the top OEM manufacturer with a 44.2 percent market share, Android still leads as the number one platform with a 51.4 percent market share. Korean giant Samsung was ranked as the number 2 OEM manufacturer with a 27.3 percent market share, followed by LG at 8.7 percent while Motorola and HTC had market shares of 4.9 percent and 3.5 percent respectively.

Android still leads as the number one platform with a 51.4 percent market share, followed by Apple’s iOS at 44.2 percent. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform stood at a mere 2.9 percent at number 3 while BlackBerry’s platform came in fourth at 1.3 percent share. comScore’s findings also revealed that nearly 192 million people in the US own smartphones.


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