Update: Microsoft has postponed the release of Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 due to a unforeseen issue. Now the new build is likely to roll out early next week.

Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul posted the news of the delay on his Twitter feed;

“I have some bad news folks. We discovered an issue late last night that would have caused builds after 10536 to not install over it. It is caused by our UpdateGen process which enables the build-to-build deltas. The good news is we were already flighting the next build which has the Store fix, so we have that one close behind. But the bad news is that it will be early next week, so no build today.”

“We’re going to be working over the weekend here and get it out as soon as we can while ensuring quality.”

– – –

It’s been a rather long wait for members of the slow ring, who’re still running the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10166 and should be feeling rather left out. Moreover, the fact that the last Windows 10 Mobile build released by Microsoft was only aimed at Insiders of the fast ring, slow ring members have been stuck on the same build for the past two months.

According to Windows Chief Gabe Aul, the wait might be over soon as a new build is on the way with Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536, which will be released today to Windows Insiders and “should be directly upgradeable.”

The new build as expected, will fix a majority of bugs found in the previous build i.e. 10512, and will also bring several performance improvements and stability. And given the fact that we are getting close to the date when the final version of operating system is set to debut, build 10536 will be a rather critical step for Microsoft. It includes a number of fixes such as the mobile hotspot issue, and performance improvements to the “loading…” issues for the home screen, etc. The problem with having too many tiles on the home screen causing issues is also rectified.

The upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 will only be available to members of the fast ring (again, no new build for slow ring insiders), as the company says that the build still needs a few fixes and slow ring members will get it once these are taken care of.

Currently, Windows 10 Mobile testers have been left hanging with build 10512 for the past three weeks, which is a rather unpleasant experience laden with bugs and stability issues. And with Windows 10 Mobile expected to be released as soon as next month, a lot of work still needs to be done on the OS.

The Windows maker has clearly said that Windows 10 Mobile is almost feature complete. Therefore, we can expect the upcoming builds to focus primarily on bug fixes and performance improvements.

The Redmond giant is reportedly planning a mega event in October which might see the official release of Windows 10 Mobile, along with the announcement of high-end Windows Phones codenamed Cityman and Talkman to demonstrate the new OS’s capabilities. The event could also see the launch of Surface Pro 4 and a new version of the Microsoft Band.



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