Whether or not you know it, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Amazon offer its Prime subscribers a free, six-month trial with the Washington Post.

Amazon has been generous with its Prime subscriptions, even going so far as to bundling Prime with the Fire phone in hopes of encouraging consumers to buy into the company’s largest “flop” yet. Yet and still, Prime brings its benefits, including free shipping, to college students in particular – so it’s become a favorite for students who can always save pennies and dollars here and there.

Now, Amazon is back with a free, six-month trial. If you’re a Prime subscriber, here are the steps you need to follow to get your free, limited Washington Post subscription:

Step 1. Hit up the link.

Step 2. Tap the box that encourages you to log in to Amazon. If you are not a Prime member then try 30-day free trial.

Step 3. After you provide your Amazon username and password, you’ll see payment method information. Have no fear: you’re getting a free six months, but you’ll have to confirm a payment method. Correct the payment method if you need to, then select “start my subscription.”

Step 4. At this point, you can access the Washington Post either in the web browser of your choice or download the Washington Post mobile app from 1) the App Store on iOS or 2) the Google Play on Android, then log-in with your Amazon username and password when prompted. The Washington Post will need to know you’re an Amazon Prime member to honor your six-month trial subscription.

Step 5. After your six-month trial ends, you’ll have to pay for your Washington Post subscription, but you won’t pay the $10 a month, but instead, just $4. You may not want to pay anything, but you’ll still save $6 a month as opposed to most non-Prime Washington Post subscribers.


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