It’s just been little more than a year since Sprint announced its $60 plan for unlimited talk, text, and data. And now in what may be deemed as a sudden move, the carrier is raising the price of its unlimited plan by $10 monthly. Though the price hike is only for new customers signing up for Sprint’s unlimited data plan starting October 16. Hence, current Sprint customers on the $60 unlimited data plan will not be affected by the price increase.

The carrier has not given any specific reason behind the price hike, though the company says that despite the price hike, it is still the most economical unlimited data plan out there.

“At $70 a month, Sprint still beats the competition,” Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said. “Rather than increase the price without warning, we want to give customers one last chance to take advantage of the $60 rate.”

Talking about Sprint’s competitors, T-Mobile has an unlimited data plan for $80 a month, which includes talk, text, and data. While the rest of the competition which include AT&T and Verizon no longer offers such unlimited data plans. As these carriers now prefer offering customers capped plans, as there are more suitable options for users as per their requirements. For instance, Verizon offers a $65 monthly plan that includes 3GB of limited data per month and unlimited call and text.

Hence, it is advisable to go for an unlimited plan in cases only if you consume more than 5GB of data per month. Moreover, the fact that carriers now themselves admit that they limit speeds even with unlimited data plans.

It is rather unclear how the price hike will help the company generate additional revenue, as many customers will not be really willing to shell out an extra ten bucks for the plan. These are indeed desperate times for the carrier, as T-Mobile recently displaced Sprint as the nation’s third largest carrier, sending Sprint down to the fourth spot.


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