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After Galaxy S4, HTC One with stock Android reportedly in works


It seems that HTC will soon release a new version of its flagship device, the HTC One which will run on a stock version of Android. This new HTC One will run on a stock version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will be launched in the US market.

After Google announced a new version of Samsung Galaxy S4 that runs on stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, latest reports indicate that even HTC is also planning to do something similar with its flagship device.

It is true that a lot of consumers love all the custom apps and widgets provided by smartphone manufacturers, but it is also true that there are a considerable number of consumers who would love to have a smartphone that runs on stock Android operating system. Now that Samsung has already come up with a new version of Galaxy S4 that for these consumers, HTC does not want to miss out on the action and the business.

Sources at Geeks.com said that HTC is working on a new version of HTC One which will run on stock Android Jelly Bean and will not have Sense UI. The source did not mention whether HTC is working along with Google, but it is very important and would be beneficial if HTC does so. Having Google into the picture, HTC will be able to sell this stock Android version of HTC One on Google Play Store and at the same time, the device will get timely updates as and when needed since the device will be sold directly by Google.

The reports also said that this stock Android version of HTC One will only be available in the US market, at least for now. If Google and HTC do come up with a stock HTC One, consumers will be able to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One once again. And at the same time, since both of these devices will not have any of the custom apps and widgets, consumers will get some extra internal storage space as well.

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