Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft’s first ever laptop dubbed as ‘Ultimate Laptop’ the Surface Book is already sold out on the company’s online store in the US. Initially, the most expensive variant of the Surface Book was sold out, and all variants are now out of stock at the Microsoft Store in the US.

Now that’s a hell of a remarkable response given the fact that the Surface Book starts at $1499. Moreover, it’s a newly launched device that already seems to have garnered enough faith among the end user.

Although, if you still want to get your hands on the new Surface Book, no need to get disheartened as the device can be pre-ordered on Microsoft’s retail partners, which include Amazon, BestBuy and Fry’s Electronics. Hence, it is not completely out of the stock ahead of its October 26 launch date. There’s no information available as of now when the Surface Book gets back in stock or if they’re still available for pre-order from Microsoft’s brick and mortar stores.

The unveiling of the Surface Book was indeed a surprise Microsoft had in store for its hardware event last week. It marks the first ever laptop coming from the company’s stables, which can double itself as a tablet as well. Microsoft claims it to be 20 percent more powerful than the highly-applauded MacBoook Pro.

The device features a 13.5-inch Pixel Density detachable display, which the company says has been made possible by a technology they’ve been working on for years called ‘dynamic fulcrum hinge’. It essentially holds the device’s two halves together and allows it to be detached from the keyboard without any hassles.

Apart from these unique design aesthetics, the Surface Book also features Intel’s latest sixth-gen Core i processors, which can be bundled with up to 16GB of RAM. The Surface Book’s base model starts at $1499 while its top end model has been priced at $2699, which is undeniably a heavy price tag. Though its distinguishing design semantics might just turn out to be what the doctor ordered.

The hybrid device going out of pre-orders is a good sign for the company, though it’s still early days. If you remember the case of the first-gen Microsoft Band, even it sold out initially though currently it’s not really a preferred choice among consumers.


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