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Samsung GT-I8800 Redwood, the first ever Tizen device spotted online


Recently, there have been a number of images posted on the internet which showcase the first ever Tizen smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung GT-I8800 Redwood. So it seems that Samsung has already started working on and testing smartphones which run on the new Tizen operating system.

Some time back, reports said that Samsung is working on developing new smartphones for a new operating system named Tizen. And now, we get to see some of the work that Samsung has been doing. It is also good to see that Samsung is focusing on something other than the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has been getting all the attention when it comes to Samsung and its devices.

The new smartphone we are taking about is the Samsung GT-I8800 Redwood, and this is the first Tizen device from Samsung. Several images of this smartphone were posted online by the Greek Tizen Community. The device runs on Tizen OS 2.1, which is basically an operating system based on HTML5 and could also be the next big thing from Samsung.

So as of now, we are not sure if Samsung plans to get away from Android or whether the company just wants to start a second series of smartphones that runs on the company’s own OS. The device shown in the images could actually be the Samsung GT-I8800 Redwood which is being expected to arrive later this year or it may be a prototype.

If you are interested to know more about the Samsung GT-I8800 Redwood and Tizen, be sure to stick around as we will be back with some updates.

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