As one would expect, Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10581 for Insiders on the Fast Ring. The latest build 10581 is essentially about bug fixes and performance improvements as it does not include any new features.

With this new build, Insiders will not need to reflash their device to Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft says they have fixed a bug that was causing issues that did not allow Insiders to upgrade from earlier Windows 10 builds, implying that you can now upgrade to the build 10581 no matter what version you are currently running on your smartphone.

“We’ve fixed the bug preventing upgrades from earlier builds. So if you stayed on Build 10536 or if you flashed back to Windows Phone 8.1 and then installed 10549 or 10572 you can upgrade directly to this new build without going back to 8.1 again,” said Windows Insider Chief Gabe Aul.

Notable fixes in the build include the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature whose functionality is now repaired, which can be activated via Settings > Extras > Hey Cortana. This applies to devices upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1 and now works on the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520 again.

In addition, users will now be able to share photos via third-party apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Beta, WhatsApp etc. Furthermore, battery performance issues have been addressed with the latest build as the company has fixed a few bugs that were impacting battery life. The company also adds they’ve fixed an issue where users were not able to choose some apps to display quick status on the Lock screen via Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen.

While other improvements have also been made to video recording functionality, autocorrect and text prediction along with Visual Voicemail sync.

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Talking about known issues with the build, users will see a blank screen once they upgrade for around five minutes, though the company says its pretty normal and there’s no reason to panic. In addition, you will not be able to switch save locations in Storage settings, and some apps might also crash if moved to an SD card, though upon rebooting they’ll work as they are supposed to.

Meanwhile, those of you eagerly awaiting for a new PC preview, the Windows maker has also released the build 10576 for PCs.


  1. on my 1520 I can go to Extras and see Hey Cortana but it won’t train. This is on my second upgrade to 10581. The first upgrade to 10581 Hey Cortana worked and EDGE di not. Now EDGE works fine but Hey Cortana will not train. I’ve done soft resets to no avail. I guess kits time to do a hard reset and see if that works. There are a few apps for my band v.1 that aren’t working either, most notably clear my band


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