Windows 10 Redstone Updates

Microsoft has reportedly started working on the next massive update for Windows 10 codenamed “Redstone”, which will likely be rolling out in summer 2016. As of now not much information is available about the update, as engineers at Microsoft recently started to ‘lay down code’ for Redstone.

Although, we do know that Redstone will significantly enhance the overall Windows 10 experience when it arrives in 2016. For instance, Redstone will feature extensions support for the new Edge browser, which were expected to arrive in Threshold 2. Moreover, what’s really exciting is that Microsoft is planning to incorporate Continuum feature in Redstone, which is pretty similar to OS X Continuity like features offered by Apple.

It essentially allows users to integrate their PCs with their smartphones, offering all the more productivity while on the move. For instance, if a user is working on his mail app on the smartphone, and for some reason he wants to continue working on the same email on the desktop. He can start exactly where he left off while he was on the phone by simply opening the mail app on his PC, which is a pretty nifty feature.

While, the company is also planning to introduce this feature with 1st party apps in Redstone, along with an SDK for third-party developers so that the functionality can further be utilized. In addition, the update will allow users to make phone directly via their desktops, with the help of your Windows 10 Mobile device.

Hence, this would forge a deeper connection with Windows 10 desktop and phone experiences, which Nadella has been constantly hinting at – a Windows 10 ecosystem across all spheres.

Meanwhile, the next update for Windows 10 codenamed Threshold 2 is almost ready, and will reportedly be launching on November 2nd. The forthcoming update includes all fixes and UI changes Microsoft had earlier planned for the July 2015 release of Windows 10. For instance, there’ll be improved context menus, an extra Live Tiles column in the Start Menu along with colored title bars for desktop apps. In addition, it will also include the Universal Skype apps for Windows 10 which brings native Skype voice calling and messaging to the OS.


  1. What Microsoft behind the curve? They always were. They always followed Apple since the days when Bill Gates was a small time developer, developing spreadsheet software for Macintosh. (Very few people actually know that Microsoft excel was born for Macintosh)

    They always followed Apple.


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