Microsoft has released a new preview version of Windows 10 PC for Insiders on the Fast Ring, with build number 10586. The build essentially focuses on bug fixes and general improvements as Microsoft’s Gabe Aul describes it as ‘very smooth and fast’ adding that it ‘makes a great daily driver.’ The new build, which is primarily aimed at improving the overall user experience as we head closer to the Threshold 2 public release. Below is a list of fixes Microsoft has detailed in the blog post with Build 10586

  • The issue where any audio playing (like music from Groove, or videos from the Movies & TV app) gets reduced by 75% for a period of time after a notification pops up from Action Center is fixed.
  • Pressing the power button on your Surface Pro 3 should put your Surface Pro 3 to sleep instead of shutting it down.
  • We fixed an issue reported by Windows Insiders where a disksnapshot.exe command prompt window would flash randomly.
  • Windows should now remember your previous login type. For example, if you log in with a PIN – it will prompt you for a PIN next time instead of another type.
  • We fixed an issue where Tab previews in Microsoft Edge were appearing as black if the page was not scrolled to the top, and web note clippings were also appearing as black.
  • Small form-factor devices, like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, that boot with rotation or virtual mode screen size set larger than the physical screen size should no longer experience a bluescreen on upgrade.
  • Apps and games should download from the Store more reliably.

As expected, the build comes with its own set of flaws and issues:

  • After upgrading from one Windows 10 Insider Preview build to another Insider Preview build, Skype messages and contacts will disappear from the Messaging + Skype app.
  • You can get Skype messages and contacts back by navigating to “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Messaging_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache” in File Explorer and deleting or renaming the “PrivateTransportId” file. After deleting or renaming that file, go to the Skype video app and sign out of Skype and sign back in.
  • The Insider Hub might be gone after upgrading to this build. You can get Insider Hub back by going to Settings > System > Apps & features and clicking “Mange optional features”, choosing “Add a feature” and selecting Insider Hub.

Windows 10 Fall Update for desktop, mobile and Xbox One on November 12

It is worth pointing out that a recent rumor claims Build 10586 has been assigned as the forthcoming Windows 10 Fall Refresh, though Aul did not mention anything in his blog post. However, signs are clearly pointing to the fact that the build in question is indeed the Threshold 2 Update, as Build 10586 has been dubbed as Windows 10 Pro with no mention of ‘Insider Preview’ anywhere and watermark on desktop, implying this could be released publicly as the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Update.


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