The last time we saw a flagship Windows Phone from Microsoft under the Nokia moniker was nearly two years ago. Now, the Redmond giant attempts to make a mark of its own by releasing two new flagship versions – the Lumia 950 along with the Lumia 950 XL. The device is now on sale and hence we are seeing many reviews from big publications including the likes of The Verge, Windows Central, WinBeta, Forbes, CNET giving us their take on it.

For the most part, all of them agree to the same conclusion that the Windows phone still feels rather incomplete. They believe it has flagship levels of hardware inside a relatively bland looking robust plastic body.

The key selling points highlighted include its 5.2-inch Quad HD AMOLED display that Mike Prospero says offers better readability in direct sunlight compared to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Review by Windows Central

In addition, the smartphone’s low-light camera capabilities have been found impressive as Paul Thurrot says, “It’s excellent, and on par with my iPhone 6S Plus for most common, everyday shots. But where the Lumia 950 really excels is in low-light situations, which I’ve been able to test outdoors and in the dimly-lit pubs”.

Though as we all are aware, its most hyped feature is the smartphone’s ability to be used as a desktop called Continuum. Of course, it does not mean that it’ll function as one of your regular PC, though it is still a pretty nifty feature that gets most of your basic tasks done.

Windows Phone drops to 1.7% compared to 3% of last year: Gartner

Dan Seirtif in his review on The Verge writes: “Continuum recognizes that the monitor has a different screen size and resolution from your phone and presents something like a desktop, complete with Start menu and Action Center. It really looks just like Windows 10 on a PC.”

However, given the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is a completely new operating system, there’s clearly a shortage of third-party apps. Popular apps like Instagram is still in beta while Periscope does not exist at all. Moreover, the fact that Microsoft’s own Skype apps do not seem to work properly on Continuum, there’s still time before we see the Lumia 950 fully evolved as a device.

As Joanaa Stren from the Wall Street Journal sums up: “It feels like the Lumia 950 is a proof of concept that might help Microsoft get momentum for its new strategy. But I can’t recommend buying a $600 proof of concept.”


  1. I received my Lumia 950 last week and I like the size and weight. Also, I like the removable battery and support for SD cards, which I have already received from Amazon. I could have added as much as 168 gig SD, but 32 gigs is enough for now. The SD support along with Windows 10 Mobile file feature allows me to install files and apps from anywhere, not just the Microsoft Store. The camera’s high resolution works great. For still pictures there are excellent features with zoom among them. I mention zoom specifically because it is for now not available for the video camera I haven’t set up Hello yet so I can’t comment, Overall I really like this phone.

  2. What is App gap. Apart from Google Apps which Google have refused to have them in windows store for fear of Android user switching to the better windows phone platform, which other popular apps are missing?


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