When it comes to streaming TV, the consumer has clearly gotten a taste of the future. More consumers are cutting the cord than ever, and it looks like a trend that is going to continue this holiday season with affordable streaming TV options available at plenty of locations.

Whether you’re looking for something that will be deeply interactive, and give users a “computer-like” experience – or looking for a relatively basic experience and user interface – there will be plenty of choice for shoppers at Walmart, Amazon, and Target in-store and online this Black Friday weekend.


The Roku streaming deals will be of the plenty this upcoming holiday weekend, and they will surely last throughout Cyber Week. Roku will be releasing a special Roku SE, which will have a limited shelf life in stores this holiday season, but will offer some serious bang for your shopping buck. It was originally announced at $49.99, but stores like Kohl’s and Walmart will be bringing the device for $24.99.

Roku 3

For those looking for the Roku Streaming Stick, instead of the Roku SE box, shoppers will be able to get those at Staples or Best Buy for just $39.99. Walmart is also going to be putting together some impressive Roku-TV-ready deals, which look like they will be landing in-store this Black Friday. For example, a 32-inch TCL 1080p Roku LED Smart TV, which will come loaded with Roku inside, will be selling for just $125. The larger 55-inch version will be selling for $348.

Roku is a simpler streaming option, for those who might think they would feel intimidated by some of the bigger and pricier options on the market.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has painted themselves into a corner with this particular shopping season underway. The problem is that they have kicked many other streaming TV options off of Amazon.com, which means finding competitive prices in places other than Amazon.com will be a challenge. That being said, the Amazon Fire TV Stick will be selling for $24.99, which is a little cheaper than the Roku Streaming Stick. Amazon Fire TV will have a price tag of $74.99 on Amazon.com, which will be the same discount as shoppers will see at Best Buy, too.


The overall consensus of Amazon Fire TV is that it’s great – but particularly good for the Amazon natives, who are already accustomed to the procedures and interface that Amazon Fire TV brings to the table.

Google Chromecast

When it comes to Chromecast, some impressive deals are floating around out there. First off, Walmart will be selling the 1st generation Chromecast, which is a solid buy for anyone looking to stream their basic content – for just $20. However, those looking for the latest in capability – like better-streaming resolutions – the $50 deal at Best Buy, Costco, and Staples will be the most impressive on the market. This will get any shopper two streaming sticks for just $15 more than a single unit sells for during non-holiday time.


Google Chromecast 2 is one of the least-expensive options on the market as it is, so seeing them offer one of the most impressive deals on the Black Friday market isn’t entirely shocking.

Apple TV

Apple TV is new and expensive. There are some good deals out there, but by and large, the shoppers who will be purchasing this device will be the ones who are already Apple natives or dedicated to the brand as a whole. hhGregg is offering a $20 discount on the 64GB version bringing the overall price down to $179.99.


Older editions of Apple TV will be available for as little as $52, but that will be without some of the major updates that have made Apple TV a destination in the recent months. Specific apps, Apple interface, and much more make this one of the most interesting choices on the market.

Apple TV is ideal for anyone who has used Apple products throughout their home. It will make the transition simple, and people who are used to Apple will be able to get the most out of the devices.

Be sure to visit our Black Friday 2015 hub for more deals and sales events throughout the month.


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