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Samsung Premiere 2013 on June 20, new Galaxy & Ativ devices coming

Samsung has announced a new event which will be held on the 20th of June at Earls Court 2, London where the company will unveil many of its new smartphones, tablets, hybrids as well as the new Ativ brand which the company has been working on. This event has been named ‘Samsung Premiere 2013’ and the company said that this will be the event where Samsung will ‘premiere’ its new creations.


This is definitely a good surprise for Samsung fans and the technology world will get to witness another great event in the month of June apart from Apple’s WWDC and Microsoft’s BUILD. At the Samsung Premiere event this year, the company is expected to unveil a wide range of cool smartphones, tablets, hybrids and the new Ativ brand which is the unified name for its Windows Phones.

Samsung has also come up with a tempting teaser poster which includes three images of what seem to be a new smartphone that will be unveiled at the Samsung Premiere. As of now, there is no list of devices available, but we do have an idea about what we will get to see at the event. Here is the list:

New Samsung Galaxy smartphones (may be the new Galaxy S4 Mega and Galaxy S4 Mini as well), New Samsung Ativ smartphones (Samsung’s range of smartphones that run on Windows Phone OS), Windows 8 and Windows RT laptops, tablets and hybrids

The Samsung Premiere event will take place in London and will start at 2PM ET. Consumers who wish to witness the event can do so on YouTube as Samsung will be streaming the event live on its YouTube channel. The cool part is that this even will be held just one week after Apple finishes the WWDC event. With this announcement, Samsung is sure to get a lot of attention, and in order to keep up these high expectations, the company has already made up a really cool line up of devices that we will get to see at the event.

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