Windows 10 Mobile Update

AdDuplex’s latest report suggests some positive signs for Microsoft in terms of Windows 10 Mobile adoption. The report states that Windows 10 Mobile is now running on 7 percent of all Windows phones now, which has grown by 1.3 percent compared to last month’s 5.7 percent. Not anything substantial given the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is still not mature enough and the upgrade is still being rolled out in phases. Hence, newly launched devices like the Lumia 640 are the ones apparently picking up the pace.

These are signs that Windows 10 Mobile update may have the fastest adoption rate just like Windows 10 for PCs. It’ll be interesting to see how the newly launched Lumia flagships – the Lumia 950 along with Lumia 950 XL perform in the coming months, which are now available online and across select Microsoft Stores.

Not much to talk about in this month’s report from AdDuplex, however, the increased Windows 10 Mobile adoption by Insiders is certainly interesting. Combined with the fact that Windows 10 Mobile official rollout starts in December, the ecosystem is still in its early stage and will be hitting the mainstream market. By the end of February, we’ll have a better idea how these newly launched Lumia smartphones and new OS are really performing.

Meanwhile, the report again gives us an idea about the market share of Windows-based handsets in the US. Not much has changed as the new Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL have yet again seen a modest 2.2 percent growth compared to the last month. It commands a 14.5 percent share among all Windows phones, though still lags far behind the Nokia Lumia 635 sitting on top at 32.5 percent.

It is also worth pointing out that the latest AdDuplex report also highlights Turkey for the first time. Interestingly, the top ten Windows devices in the country are over two years old. The top Windows Phone in the country is the old Lumia 520 with an 18.4 percent share, while the large screen Lumia 1320 comes next with a share of 11 percent followed by Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 620.


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