Cyber Monday is just about here, and there are plenty of Surface Pro deals to get excited about from Microsoft. Most notably, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 received some of the heftiest discounting of the entire shopping season so far with a major shakeup to their price tags.

To start though, the Microsoft Store is offering an impressive deal on both the Surface 3 and the heftier priced Surface Pro 3. The Surface 3, which measures at 10.8-inches is typically $629 with the keyboard – but right now is brought down to $479. This deal is on all Surface 3 variants (64GB or 128GB Wi-Fi only, and 64GB or 128GB Wi-Fi + LTE) and you can save $150 on each model.

The 12-inch Surface Pro 3 is getting an impressive discount for Cyber Monday, too, at the Microsoft Store. It’ll be marked down to $649 compared to the regular price of $799 for the base model (Core i3 with 64GB). In addition, you can also save $200 on Core i3 with 128GB and all Core i5 models, while all Core i7 Surface Pro 3 models are available with $300 OFF.

NOTE: All Surface Pro 3 models are entitled to get a free sleeve too.

Best Buy is also offering an impressive deal for Cyber Monday shoppers. They will be featuring the more powerful Surface Pro 3 featuring an Intel Core i5 processor, and 256GB of internal storage – with 8GB of RAM for $1,000, which is a $300 discount. The upgraded edition will be $1,250 from Best Buy and will also be $300 off the original price.

Walmart is offering the Surface Pro 4 early on Sunday night for $899, which will give users a 12.3-inch device, with 128GB of internal storage. The most-recent Surface Pro 3 will cost just $599, which settles in the middle of some of the other deals that we found. Amazon will also be running this promotion on the Surface Pro 4, which will get shoppers the deal for $899 with free shipping.

Moreover, Microsoft Store and Amazon are offering the Nokia Lumia 640 through AT&T Go Phone for just $29.99 with no contract. The original price on this device is $99, which makes this one of the most impressive deals on the market. Similarly, the Nokia Lumia 635 unlocked version for regular GSM service plans will cost just $69 marked down from $159. Other enticing Lumia devices that will be available on Monday include the Lumia 830, which is factory unlocked marked down from $699 to $212 this Cyber Monday on Amazon.


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