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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to be announced on June 20


The latest report from The Wall Street Journal says that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 Mini on the 20th of June. This news comes as no surprise as there have been a lot of occasions where the device has been showcased by Samsung itself. Just some days ago, the device was leaked on Samsung’s own application store page.

If June 20 sounds like a familiar date, than it’s because this is the day on which Samsung has scheduled its major event, ‘Samsung Premiere.’ At this event, Samsung said that the company will unveil a number of Galaxy devices, Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets, laptops and hybrids.

Since Samsung has already mentioned that it will be unveiling new Galaxy devices at the event, we have a good list of devices that might be seen at the event. We believe that the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini,’ a smartphone that has been in rumors and reports since a long time, will also be unveiled at the event. This device is expected to have a 4.3-inch qHD display and a dual-core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be a trimmed down version of the standard Galaxy S4, the flagship device. It will be a mid-segment smartphone so do not expect it to be as good as the Galaxy S4.
Apart from the Galaxy S4 Mini, it is also being said that other smart devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will also be launched at Samsung Premiere 2013. And we will also get to see the new range of Samsung ATIV devices which are Samsung smartphones running on Windows Phone OS.

Samsung Premiere event will take place at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Center on Thursday the 20th of June.

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