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Apple iOS will support third-party customization, says Tim Cook


At the D11 conference that is currently going on in California, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that the company will open up APIs in the near future and will allow for more third party customization and try to give better options and freedom to its consumers.

When Tim Cook was told that Apple’s software is very closed when compared to other mobile operating systems like Android, he said that the company could start being open with their APIs and allow a level of freedom to developers and consumers as a result of which iOS will be much more user friendly and customizable.

He said, “On the general topic of opening up APIs, I think you’ll see us open up more in the future. But not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience. So there’s always a fine line to walk there, or maybe not so fine.” And to be honest, a lot of developers and consumers will be happy to walk the fine line if they are going to get this kind of freedom from Apple.

At the event, Walt Mossberg also asked Tim Cook about Facebook Home and whether this enhanced home screen version could make it to iOS. He even added that Facebook has already approached Apple regarding Facebook Home, but the company did not take much interest from their side. On the same point, Tim Cook responded saying, “We think the customer pays us to make choices on their behalf. I’ve see some of these settings screens, and I don’t think that’s what customers want,” he said. “Do some want it? Yes.”

So according to Cook, there are ‘some’ customers who want to have custom home screens and settings etc. whereas many of their customers do not want that. Even if that is the case, and Apple wants to give its customers what they want, then the company can provide these customization options and let customers choose whether they want to use it or not instead of not giving the options at all.

When asked whether Facebook Home could make it to iOS, Tim Cook replied saying: “There’s always more the companies can do together. I don’t think that that’s one.”

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