With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, Microsoft is continuing to keep the retail momentum with its 12 Days of Deals campaign. Earlier this week, we found the first half of the campaign, and Now, we get our hands on the next six days of sales, which has been leaked.

On Day 8, Surface 3 is expected to be offered with a $75 gift card. Later on, the company has also planned to celebrate Dell Day with up to $300 off on select Dell computers.

Importantly, Microsoft will be giving away a $50 Windows Gift Card with a 12-month Groove Music Pass (Xbox Music Pass), and you will be able to get the annual subscription for regular $99.90.

Here’s the entire list, including days and prices

  • Day 1, 12/01 – Buy an HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 2 in 1 for $499 ($150 savings)
  • Day 2, 12/02 – Buy a Lenovo Ideapad 100 for just $199
  • Day 3, 12/03 – Get 2 free games with select Xbox One console purchases
  • Day 4, 12/04 – Dell Inspiron 15 for $499 and Save $200 on Surface Pro 3 i3 128GB
  • Day 5, 12/05 – Up to $500 off Select Intel-Powered PCs
  • Day 6, 12/06 – Save up to 50% on select games (LIVE NOW)
  • Day 7, 12/07 – Acer Aspire F15 for just $399
  • Day 8, 12/08 – Buy a Surface 3/S3 and get a $75 gift card
  • Day 9, 12/09 – Save up to $300 on select Dell PCs
  • Day 10, 12/10 – Acer R11 for just $299
  • Day 11, 12/11 – Buy a 12-month Groove Music Pass (Xbox Music Pass) and get a $50 Windows Gift Card
  • Day 12, 12/12 – Asus TP500LA for just $399

There is no way to verify the list without waiting to see what Microsoft reveals over the next few days. However, noticing the last six days, the list of leaked deals was correct. If the same goes here, it could give the buyer a good idea of deals to come.


  1. In case anyone else sees this possibly the best deal is the $150 trade offer Microsoft is offering 1st gen surface owners. Just picked up a core m3 pro 4 for $750 with trade (32gb RT)


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