GoPro has finally announced a substantial price cut for its Hero4Session camera. The device was earlier released at a price of $400 though now it can be purchased for only $199. The company says they’ve revised the pricing based on the feedback it received from customers and retailers.

The Hero4Session comes in the form of a cube that can fit even in narrow spaces and also allows more mounting options. Though at the time of launch, it had a rather steep price tag which made users go for the Hero4 Silver instead of the Hero4Session. Compared to the GoPro Hero4Silver the former has limited capabilities but surprisingly at the time of launch they were priced at the same $400 level.

The GoPro Hero4 Silver offers images photo quality with 12 megapixels as opposed to 8MP with the GoPro Hero4Session. Additionally, the Silver model allows 4K video, as well as professional grade low-light performance, while the Session has none of these features.

However, now with a price tag $199 the Hero4Session certainly comes across as budget friendly, and this should be a great time to buy one given that even Christmas holidays are almost upon us.

The Hero4Session sports a waterproof design and can record high-quality Full HD videos @60fps while it can also churn out images at a resolution of 8MP. Hence, it can take quality footage underwater without any hassles, though keep in mind that it can only function to a maximum depth of 10 feet under water. Other notable features include a microUSB port, a microSD card slot along with a dual-microphone and a non-removable battery which can last for a maximum of two hours once fully charged.


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