Launched back in September, Google’s Chromecast Audio is a device that allows users to connect their Wi-Fi speakers and play music via streaming sites such as Spotify, Pandora and more. The search engine giant has now announced two new updates for the device to “elevate your listening experience”, these include multi-room support and high-res audio output.

The main highlight of the update would be multi-room play, which allows users to integrate several Chromecast Audio devices to listen to the same song simultaneously on multiple connected devices. The setup for this feature is pretty simple as well. Users just need to set up their Chromecast Audio device with each of the multiple speakers and then create a group using the Chromecast app.

“You can cast to the group the exact same way you would cast to a single Chromecast device. Since anyone with a phone can easily cast without pairing, you can sync your home speakers together and invite your friends to be the DJ,” wrote Google’s Tomer Shekel, Product Manager in a blog post who also happens to be a “Patron of Loud Music”.

Talking about loud music, another feature added with the update is Chromecast Audio’s ability to stream High-Res audio output of up to 96KHz/24bit, which is apparently “higher than CD quality audio on your existing high fidelity audio equipment,” further adds Shekel.

To recall, the Chromecast Audio was launched back in September for $35 alongside the new Chromecast 2. It essentially allows users to stream music onto their regular Wi-Fi enabled speakers directly from their PC or a smartphone.

The company claims that the device is for audiophiles you want no compromise on quality as it does not compress audio. Chromecast Audio is compatible with Android and iOS alongside PCs and supports high-quality audio with a max output of 2 watt RMS. Besides, it also gets a unique feature called ‘guest access’ that allows others to cast through the device even they’re not connected on the user’s network.


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