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The adoption of Windows 10 Mobile is on a constant rise, despite the update is yet to be rolled out on old Lumia handsets. According to the latest data provided by AdDuplex, Windows 10 Mobile is now running on 8.8 percent of Windows phones currently out there. Notably, Windows 10 Mobile is now catching up to Windows Phone 8.0, which is now at 8.9 percent.

Windows Phone 8.1 for obvious reasons is at the number #1 spot with a market share of 77.6 percent. However, it’s worth pointing out that Windows 10 Mobile is the only OS which has further improved its market share, growing by 1.8 percent. As despite being the most popular, Windows Phone 8.1 dropped 1.3 percentage points this month.


Other interesting bits of the report include stats about Lumia 520, which still commands the number #1 spot with a market share of 14 percent around the world, while the Lumia 535 comes next with a share of 11.4 percent points. Although, the biggest change in terms of growth is the Lumia 640, which has now increased its share by 0.7 percent. Meanwhile in the US, the Lumia 635 is the top selling Windows phone with a share of 31.3 percent, followed by the Lumia 640 with a 16.5 percent share, and finally we have the Lumia 521 with a 6 percent share.

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While in other international markets such as France, AdDuplex’s report suggests the Lumia 950 is bagging more popularity than its XL variant. On the other hand in Russia, the affordable Lumia 550 is attracting more buyers than the two flagship models. The Lumia maker continues to be the number one manufacturer of Windows phones, with a share of 96.97 devices. Going forward, the company thinks it’ll attract more partners to the Windows 10 Mobile bandwagon by the first quarter of 2016.



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