Microsoft has released another preview build of Windows 10 ‘Redstone’ to Insiders on the Fast Ring just eight days after having launched the last preview build. It was just about a week ago that Build 11099 was launched, and now we have the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11102 ready for prime time action. While that’s impressive, this shouldn’t be too surprising since Microsoft is just sticking to its promise of being more prompt in releasing new Windows 10 preview builds.

However, those looking for significant enhancements to the way the new OS looked or behaved may be in for some disappointment. The new build is still not recommended to those who rely a lot on accessibility software or are hard-core gamers.

There is still something to be excited with Build 11102 though, what with the new feature that it introduces to the Edge browser. It’s a new history menu that the browser benefits from while right clicking on the back and forward buttons on the browser will also pop up the most recently visited web pages.

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Build 11102

However, that’s just one side of the story as the release also comes with a host of known issues, which again should be hardly surprising in it being a Fast ring release. These include the tendency of some games to crash when switched to full-screen mode. Further applications such as Narrator, Magnifier, or other similar third-party assistive apps too might crash or become unresponsive at times. Users may also have to update their wireless card driver to the latest build as the latest Windows 10 build may cite incompatibility with the wireless card as well.

RIP Windows RT, But Windows 10 Mobile for 64-bit ARM chips with Redstone update

Last week’s Build 11099 was about structural enhancements to OneCore that Windows 10 shares across all the platforms it is compatible with.

In a related development, the Redmond-based company has also come up with a preview version of Office that fixes a few known issues. Designated as build 16.0.6366.2062, the newest version takes care of the bug that prevented Word 2016 to correctly display the formatting the way the document has been edited. The latest version has also introduced a fix for Excel 2016 that tended to crash when using Application.OnKey() to intercept keystroke.

While all the above makes for incremental progress made with Windows 10, the same is however not the case with the mobile version of the operating system. While Microsoft is yet to commit to a firm launch schedule of Windows 10 Mobile on older Lumia devices, unconfirmed sources have mentioned the launch has been pushed back to end February.


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