Recently, a new image has been leaked on the internet which shows off the Apple iOS 7 in action. This image show us the possible new homescreen of Apple iOS 7 along with the icons that have a flat design.

The Apple WWDC event is just a week away, and at this very event, Apple will unveil its next-gen mobile operating system – Apple iOS 7. Just a week before the event, we have a leaked image on the internet which shows us the new flat design of iOS 7. The image was posted was iDownloadBlog, but is of a very poor quality.

ios 7 icons

Not only is the image very poor in quality, but it also seems as if it was purposely made that way so that the actual results would not be seen clearly. 9to5Mac suggests that the image is legitimate but of an early iOS 7 alpha build. And supporting this assumption, the site has also tweeted its own version of the same image and said that “things have changed a lot since this was taken.”

The above statement does seem to be true, even though the image is not so clear, you can see that a majority of icons are made using blue and white color. And the most important point being that ‘all these icons do not seem to be a part of one system,’ it rather feels as if the icons were made by different people and then put together.

This is not a design that Jony Ive would come up with, and we are sure that his design must be much better, much more balanced and simple. We know that Apple iOS 7 will have a flat and simple look and feel, there will be no skeuomorphism and there will be no gloss effect on icons anymore.

Interestingly, there is one app that gives out the possible new design and approach that Apple has in mind, and this app is the new WWDC iOS App that has just been released on the app store. This app will let you ‘attend’ the event through your iPhone, iPod or iPad and will give you frequent updates, videos etc.