The Adobe Reader App is now available for Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. Consumers can go ahead and download the app for free on the Windows Phone Store.

Adobe Reader finally comes to Windows Phone 8 and this is definitely good news for Windows Phone users who have been facing a tough time trying to open and read PDF files on their Windows Phone. Your tough time is now over and Adobe Reader is here to save the day! The Adobe Reader app, which was previously available only for Windows Phone 7.5 has now been officially released for Windows Phone 8 as well.

Using the Adobe Reader app on Windows Phone 8, consumers can easily open any PDF file, including the ones that are password protected. You can even copy and paste, search PDF documents for specific words and zoom in on a page.

Apart from these basic features, the app allows you to do a lot more. You can go through a document page by page or through continuous scrolling. The app also lets you use hyperlinks and bookmarks to jump to a particular section of a document or a specific page of an e-book.

Adobe Reader App for Windows Phone 8.1

With the release of the Adobe Reader app, Window Phone 8 consumers have definitely have a reason to celebrate. And the best way to do so is to head to the Windows Phone Store right away, download the app, get a hang of it and let us know how it works. Let us remind you that the app is FREE and we suggest that you download the app right away even if you do not use PDF files frequently.


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