Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

With the tectonic shift that consumer preference has shown for mobile computing devices, Microsoft too has been forced to rejig its operations to match market demands. While the launch of the thoroughly revamped and touch-optimized Windows 10 can be considered the first step towards such an endeavour, the launch of suitable hardware in support of the OS is the next logical step for the Redmond-based company to follow up with.

It is here that the Surface line of combo devices enters the scene and after a few initial hiccups – read Surface running Windows RT that failed miserably – the brand has emerged as a shining beacon of reliability and efficiency. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the other equally important segment comprising mobile computing, that of smartphones.

With Microsoft yet to find a solid footing in the all too important smartphone segment, it’s hardly surprising the company is looking at replicating the Surface magic here as well. And rumours of the Surface Phone have got a fillip thanks to the accidental revelation of a mysterious Lumia X, which some claim is actually the fabled Surface Phone in disguise.

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

Things got rolling with Microsoft China uploading a video detailing how Continuum works with the Lumia 950, 950 XL, Acer Jade Primo, and the Lumia X. Though Microsoft has been quick to edit the video, the leak has already reached far and wide thanks to the efforts of Weibo users. The said device also sports top notch specs – Intel Atom chip and 4 GB of RAM – which clearly is flagship material.

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Further, with the only other flagship that we know Microsoft is currently engaged with beyond the Lumia 950s being the Surface, the Lumia X could well be it. However, there is also the other school of thought that claims the Lumia X could be yet another flagship in the Lumia series coming our way.

However, it is the Lumia branding that has led to the confusion since the Surface team within Microsoft operates as a separate entity while it is Microsoft Mobile that spearheads the company’s smartphone campaign. Hence, it’s unlikely for a future Surface device to be codenamed internally as a Lumia.

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Lastly, it’s not a Surface phone alone that can carry Microsoft’s ambitions in the smartphone segment. More so with the high-stakes battleground that the smartphones have come to signify where competitors like Android and iPhone are already ruling the roost. While it’s all too evident a future Surface Phone will come with top notch build and matching hardware specs, it is the OS and the supporting ecosystem that would be the real deal maker or deal breaker.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 Mobile still has some ground to cover before it emerges as the polished and matured OS that its competitors have proved to be over the years. And the lack of enough apps is the biggest bane that Microsoft has to deal with right now over the other occasional performance issues that the OS has often been pulled up for.


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