Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

In what can be considered a significant shift in its strategy so far, Microsoft has tacitly confirmed via a job posting on its site that the Windows 10 Mobile operating system is now compliant with the Intel x86 chips as well.

The job listing also mentions support for 64-bit ARM chips which again can be considered a step up over the 32-bit ARM-based chips that the Windows 10 Mobile OS has been compliant with up until now.

There is no word yet from any confirmed sources, be it Intel, Microsoft or OEM partners as to how the above development translates to when it comes to actual hardware reaching the markets. However, A Russian journalist has reportedly claimed that Microsoft is killing the Lumia brand, and the Surface Phone will be the future.

In any case, with the prospects of an Intel x86 powered Windows handset seemingly brighter than ever before in addition to those built around ARM chips, buyers should have more hardware options to choose from.

Of course, the above hasn’t gone unnoticed to those who have been tracking the illusive Surface Phone. Also, there has been no dearth of those linking such a device with the Intel x86 chip even though there is nothing conclusive so far in support of it.

Can the alleged Microsoft Lumia X be the Surface Phone in Disguise?

While there remains doubt if it’s going to be an Intel or an ARM chip powering the Surface Phone, that it is indeed in the making is being supported by many who claim to base their assumption on definitive inputs sourced from those privy to it. The device should be ready for launch around end 2016 or early 2017 and will be targeted at the high-end business users.

Also, while this could be pure speculation at the moment though sources would also like to point out the Surface Phone will have enough business features built-in that would be reminiscent of the BlackBerry devices of yore. The device is reported to be under development at the Surface division that produced Surface Pro and Surface Book and were headed by the Corporate Vice President, Panos Panay.

In any case, all of this should bode well for the Windows 10 Mobile operating system that has always been seen lagging far behind Android and iOS.

UPDATE-1: A Reddit user spotted Microsoft now owns and is redirecting it to the company’s own Surface website. Although, it doesn’t confirm the Surface Phone in works, but fuels the speculation of spiritual phone for people who love Windows.


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