Windows 10 Redstone Insider Preview

It’s a bit of a hop, skip and jump that Microsoft seems to have indulged into so far as its latest build numbers are concerned. From Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11099 released a few weeks back to Build 11102; things have now progressed all the way up to Build 14251 which happens to be the latest Windows 10 “Redstone” Insider Preview Build.

Microsoft explained the jump in build numbers was owing to their internal syncing of Mobile and PC divisions. Earlier both divisions operated independently and had different schedules in launching the updates. Historically, the codebase for Mobile had a different OS version than its PC counterpart though all of that has changed with Windows 10.

While the latest Windows iteration aims to offer a single Windows experience irrespective of the device it is running on, there was still some work to be done before a complete integration could be achieved. This since developers continued to follow different version numbers for the underlying binary of the Mobile and PC version of Widows.

Now, a common codebase is being readied for Windows 10 releases across all form factors. However, since the Mobile codebase used a higher build number than the PC, Microsoft decided on using the higher number to identify its latest updates.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul though said that there is not anything exciting to look forward to in the most recent update but added some improvements have been made to the Cortana digital assistant.


Aul also stated there has been some important bug fixes introduced with Build 14251 in the Fast ring. These include a fix for games that had a tendency to crash when switched from windowed mode to full screen or other reasons.

The build also comes with a fix for the frequent crashes and other issues that the various assistance programs such as Narrator, Magnifier and such suffered from.

The issue of File Explorer that tended to crash frequently with DPI settings set at 175% has also been remedied in the latest update.

Aul also stated there could still be bugs with the build or even new bugs could get introduced in the process. Further, with the move to introduce builds at a faster rate to the Fast ring, this could mean busy times dealing with a lot of new code. However, as Aul suggested, those not able to cope up can shift to the Slow ring that will also have more stable build of the latest updates.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also launched another patch for the Windows 10 for PCs this Tuesday, January 26th. However, the update which bumps the OS to Build 10586.71 up from the current 10586.63 is not known to introduce any new features except for a few bug fixes and general OS optimization bits.

Windows 10 Mobile too is expected to benefit from Build 10586.71 with reports of the version currently being tested.


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