After having bombarded the Fast ring with some back-to-back launch of Windows 10 builds all of which were aimed at PCs, Microsoft has now finally turned its attention to Mobile builds.

What this means is that it is the Windows 10 Mobile that is next, in turn, to be at the helm of affairs so far as updates are concerned. The revelation comes from Gabe Aul, the Corporate Vice President, Engineering Systems Team at Microsoft who stated new versions of the Windows 10 Mobile are being worked upon and will be released once ready.

Microsoft is reported to have already completed internal testing of Build 10586.71 for Windows 10 phones and is likely to introduce the same to the Fast ring. This will be followed by the general public release though no one knows for sure how soon that is going to happen. Aul, in its latest Blog posting, has stated they are almost ready to share new preview builds for Mobile, which makes one wonder if it could be coming our way next ‘Patch’ Tuesday itself.

However, the bad news on this front is that it is the latest range of Windows phones that came with Windows 10 right out of the gates will be among the first to benefit from the new updates. This means it is going to be the Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, and Lumia 550 that would be getting the latest updates first. The same should apply to the Lumia 650 as well which is due out sometime in February.

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Microsoft has been deferring the launch of the Windows 10 Mobile update for the old Lumia devices and is yet to confirm any definite launch schedule for the much-awaited update. The nearest we have got on this is that the updates will be launched early this year, as is mentioned in Aul’s latest blog posting.

Microsoft though has stated the update, when launched, will apply first to the old Lumia devices running Windows before shifting the focus to mobiles running Windows Phone 8/8.1.


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