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Sony launches 3 ultrabooks including Vaio Duo 13 tablet-laptop hybrid


Sony has officially launched three new ultrabooks namely the Sony Vaio Pro 11, Sony Vaio Pro 13 and the Sony Vaio Duo 13. Each of these devices is an ultrabook that can also be converted into a tablet, and is powered by the fourth generation of Intel processor (Haswell) and runs on Microsoft Windows 8 OS.

With the Sony Vaio Pro 11, Sony Vaio Pro 13 and the Sony Vaio Duo 13, the company wants to bring to you an all new level of ultrabooks that are extremely fast, super light in weight and almost as thin as paper. And as mentioned earlier, all these machines are powered by Intel Haswell processor which will give you the edge in performance and ensure that no task is too big or too difficult for you.

Out of these three, the Sony Vaio Duo 13 seems to be the most interesting one. The Sony Vaio Duo 13 has a 13-inch Full HD touchscreen display along with a slide-out keyboard using which you can easily use the device as a tablet or a laptop. Sony even said that the device will last for up to 18 hours which indicates that Vaio Duo 13 has a high performance battery coupled with some innovative technology which allows it to go on and on.

The Sony Vaio Duo 13 also has an 8MP rear facing camera which is equipped with Sony’s Exmor RS for PC technology, and interestingly, this camera can also be used as scanner. The display on this ultrabook consists of Sony’s Bravia and Triluminos technologies whereas the sound/audio is powered by the ClearAudio+ technology.

Vaio Duo 13 Vaio Pro 13

Similar to the Vaio Duo 13, the Sony Vaio Pro 11 and Vaio Pro 13 are also very impressive and interesting. These ultrabooks are extremely thin and light, and Sony even said that they are ‘the world’s lightest touch-capable Ultrabooks.’ In fact, the Sony Vaio Pro 11 weighs just about 870 grams whereas the Sony Vaio Pro 13 weighs about 1.060 grams. Both these devices also have many of the technologies present on the Sony Vaio Duo 13 which include Sony Bravia, Triluminos and ClearAudio+.

These new Sony ultrabooks will be launched in select countries from the middle of June and will eventually be available in other markets.

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