Good news for Android consumers. Google has officially launched a new app on Play Store which will definitely interest you. This new app is the ‘Google Keyboard,’ the stock touch keyboard from the company. This new keyboard can be downloaded by consumers who have Android smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0+.

Google Keyboard is the new keyboard from the makers of Android, and the company said that this new keyboard will add the stock Nexus typing experience to all Android devices. The keyboard also includes Voice Dictation, Gesture Typing and multiple dictionaries, it is definitely a must-have for all Android consumers who have devices running on Jelly Bean.


And even if you do not own a Nexus smartphone or tablet, you can now get its keyboard experience. If you are interested in trying out this new keyboard, you can go ahead and download ‘Google Keyboard’ from Google Play Store. Remember that the app works only on Android devices running on 4.0+, at least for now. Google Keyboard mainly supports English, but Google said that other languages will also be supported very soon.

Google Keyboard will provide you with a lot of cool features which will enhance the way you type and at the same time will also improve your speed. Some of these features are Gesture Typing, Automatic Error Correction, and Word Predictions. Using the microphone, you can also compose messages with Voice Typing.

In addition to all this, Google Keyboard has dictionaries for 26 languages and their keyboard layouts. So you are sure to have a fast and unique typing experience once you get your hands on Google Keyboard.