Blackberry seems to be all set and ready to announce its new flagship device and the successor to the Blackberry Z10 – the Blackberry A10. The Blackberry A10 is no rumor, we know that the device is official and we know that Blackberry will make the official announcement very soon.

For starters, there have been reports from CNET which said that Sprint has already committed to selling the Blackberry A10. This new smartphone, the Blackberry A10 will be the successor and most probably an upgraded version of the Blackberry Z10. Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins said that there would be a total of 6 new Blackberry smartphones launched this year – two high end, two mid-range and two entry-level ones. It is being said that the Blackberry Z5 and Blackberry Q5 will be the two entry level phones whereas the Blackberry A10 will be the new high end smartphone.

Similar to the Blackberry Z10, the Blackberry A10 will be one of those Blackberry smartphones which will not have a ‘physical keyboard,’ a feature that has been present in Blackberry smartphones since a long time. The Blackberry A10 will run on the Blackberry 10 OS (may be an updated one) and will also have a full touchscreen display that will surpass the usability and innovations in the Blackberry Z10.

BlackBerry A10 blackberry z10

The Blackberry Z10 was definitely a good smartphone, but many smartphone users did not consider it to be a high-end smartphone that could compete with flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z. We expect the Blackberry A10 to be able to fill in the gap and be powerful and capable enough that will be considered to be a next-gen device even by the general audience.

In a way, the Blackberry A10 has already been set for launch in the United States. This is the reason why Sprint did not offer the Blackberry Z10. Sprint is looking forward to start offering the Blackberry A10 from November this year. Interestingly, the Blackberry A10 is said to be an ‘all-touchscreen’ smartphone. We wonder what this means, and in order to find it out, we will have to wait for Blackberry to unveil the Blackberry A10, codenamed Aristo.