Spotify Premium Service

Spotify has hit upon a new way to lure in more users to try its premium services – a Chromecast Audio streaming device to be picked up for free by anyone who sign up for Spotify Premium for a minimum of three months.

The financial implications of the above offer stand at $29.97. That still makes for quite a bargain given that a standalone purchase of the Google audio streaming dongle will cost $35. Otherwise, the Premium subscription costs $9.99 a month.

For those not in the knowing, the Chromecast Audio is a relatively new development over the original Chromecast with the former being dedicated only to music. The dongle also comes with a 3.5mm port that enables it to connect to any wireless speaker while music is streamed directly from the cloud. The entire thing is controlled via an app running on a smartphone.

Also among the benefits that premium subscribers at Spotify are entitled to include no disturbing ads as well as better quality of audio. Premium users also have the option to download the music for listening even when offline.

Google Chromecast Audio

Spotify that operates mainly in Western Europe, the Americas and Oceania region provide for the musical pleasure of more than 75 million users (as per June 2015 data) which includes 20 million premium subscribers.

However, the once wildly popular music streaming service has found itself against stiff competition from Apple Music – the one stop music destination from the Cupertino company that has grown big enough in less than a years’ time to pose some serious challenge to old timers like Spotify.

Coming back to the Spotify offer, the free Chromecast Audio can be availed of only till February 28. Also, the offer is only applicable to those who sign up afresh for the Premium account. What this means is that existing Premium subscribers or those who held Premium account before but let their subscriptions to lapse do not qualify for the free offer.

In another related development, Google announced its Chromecast and Chromecast Audio is now on sale in Australia five months after both had gone on sale in the US.

The Australians though will have to cough out a higher price – A$59 compared to the $35 or A$49 that it costs in the US.


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