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The long awaited Windows 10 Mobile update for older Lumia devices seems to be reaching a culmination phase finally what with Microsoft’s Mexican subsidiary citing February 29 as the date for the rollout to eventually begin.

However, uncertainties still loom large in the absence of any official confirmation of any sorts coming from the Redmond-based company. The above revelation has been made on the Facebook page dedicated to Microsoft Lumia Mexico and includes more caveats in that the update is likely to apply on select models only.

In any case, Microsoft already is several months behind schedule in releasing the update as it was first announced to be made available by December, 2015. It’s not exactly a bad idea though if in the end users get to have a more stable build of the Windows 10 Mobile instead of the one currently in use which has also come to be known as quite problematic.

In another related development that demands attention, the said update is said to be already available to users of the Lumia 535 in Egypt and Jordan. Surprisingly, in this case, there has been no official statement from Microsoft, which has only added to the confusion.

However, in what can be considered a positive development in the midst of all the confusion and delays, Microsoft has finally rolled out the latest Build 10586.107 of Windows 10 Mobile to non-insiders. The update applies to the latest crop of Lumia devices that came pre-installed with Windows 10, which means the new update applies to the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 550.

Also, the new update does not introduce any new features to Windows 10 Mobile. Instead, it’s all about bug fixes and enhancements that the OS is set to benefit from.

Among the improvements that the .107 update build introduces include:

  • Reliability and stability improvements.
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements with car and other accessories.
  • Microsoft Edge improvements to PDF rendering and navigation.
  • Improvements for battery usage with Iris Recognition for Windows Hello.
  • Update system improvements to fix a situation where some users had phone software updates and app downloads stuck at 0% for extended time periods.
  • Change to update system to now require phone to be plugged into a charger when downloading and preparing phone software updates.
  • Fix for a problem causing erroneous low storage prompts for some users when trying to download phone software updates.
  • Fix for a problem that caused erroneous prompts of Outlook account settings being out-of-date for some users, although account settings had not been changed.
  • Fix for a problem that caused some phones to get stuck on BitLocker Recovery screen after a reset.

However, not all users are likely to have access to the update just yet as it depends on the carrier as well as the location where the device is being used.

Meanwhile, more good news coming in from Microsoft, this time for owners of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. As per the latest coming in, Microsoft has begun pushing out firmware updates for the two hybrid devices that suffer from a host of issues include sleep/wake not functioning as it should.

Also, as things stand right now, the new update is expected to set a number of things right which includes bluescreens appearing intermittently and driver crashes. However, from what seems apparent, much of the issues have to do with the Intel Skylake processor that makes up the core of the hybrid devices.

Microsoft has been finding it hard dealing with the power management of the Skylake chips. Dell too had to face similar issues with its devices built around the latest Intel chipsets and had issued several BIOS updates in the past.

In the end, what remains to be seen is whether the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book finally can emerge as the reliable performance oriented device it initially set out to be.


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