Microsoft Surface Phone

Rumors of the elusive Surface Phone have reached mainstream channels once again thanks to the recent sighting of a high-end device running Windows 10 Mobile at the GFXBench site.

However, while it’s almost a certainty the alleged Surface Phone will have the best specifications to boot; the exact specifics continues to elude us so far.

Fortunately, the GFXBench does have some pointers of what to expect, which includes the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset coupled with Adreno 530 GPU to take care of processing duties.

There have been some reports in the past that pointed to Microsoft relying on an Intel chip to power its showpiece Surface Phone though that seems to have changed since.

HP too has given Intel chips a miss for powering its flagship, the Elite x3. HP said that had to do with the relative advancement of ARM in mobile processors with Intel still playing catching up.

Surface Phone GFXBench

Coming back to the Surface Phone, the rest of the spec sheet speak of a 1440p 5.5-inch display which again is flagship material though previous rumors had pointed towards a bigger 6-inch display.

In any case, in spite of there being considerable confusion so far as a new flagship from Microsoft is concerned, the hype surrounding the Surface Phone is already reaching mammoth proportions.

In fact, with two different sizes being touted, experts opine there could actually be two different versions being considered. While the bigger 6-inch Surface Phone will be well suited to the business community, the smaller version with a 5.5-inch display should appeal to masses.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore uses iPhone! Losing hope with Windows or Seeking better ideas

Microsoft currently makes do with the Lumia 950 and 950 XL for flagship duties. Also, while both have been acclaimed for their specifications, it’s Windows 10 Mobile operating system that has come for critical reviews time and again. Hopefully, that seems to change for the better with Microsoft releasing new updates in recent times.

Further, both the top-end Lumia phones have been picked up in the past for their plastic build while others relied on metallic construction for their flagship handsets. That might not be the case with the Surface Phone if it inherits the superb build quality that the Surface lineup has already come to be acclaimed for.

Surface Phone is likely to be Nexus phone of Windows 10 Mobile

Clearly, with the new Surface Phone, Microsoft’s intentions will be to build a device that will serve to showcase the inherent strength of the Windows 10 platform in the mobile segment. That is quite similar to what the Nexus range of devices serves to Google. Moreover, there is no reason to believe Microsoft won’t have the best bits and pieces making up the new Surface Phone.


  1. The surface phone needs an x86/64-bit processor to separate itself from the standard run-of-the-mill smartphones. I get that these articles are hyping a new metallic case, and the latest ARM processors with the best Adreno variants to offer. But a true upgrade would be a functional phone with an x86 architecture (provided it is implemented right. Battery life, app functionality, etc.) If anything, these new flagships set to debut are going to be the last of the Lumia line-up, the Lumia 1000 series, or in this case, the Lumia 1050.

    Just to restate, I love my Lumia, but I don’t see myself upgrading to a new one unless it offers something totally new to the table. There just hasn’t been a game breaking device since the first smartphones, and this is Microsofts chance.

  2. Not unlike other users, I too love my Lumia 1020 and look forward to a worthy replacement (1050). Battery life, fast and capable processor, screen resolution, case deisgn are all areas that need to exceed current competitors. Lets not forget apps and their availability. Can someone please make it happen and soon?

  3. Doesn’t make any sense to have a 6″ amd 5.5″ variants…thats basically a choice of a huge phone or a bloody huge phone. I fear they will release just the 5.5″ version when really they should release something between 4.5″ – 5″.


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