We all might be aware that a lot of speculation is going on with respect to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini smartphone and the Taiwanese manufacturer’s HTC One Mini device. This article covers the case study approach undertaken to compare these 2 devices based on the alleged HTC One mini looks and specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs HTC One Mini

The South Korean mobile manufacturing giant has already announced to the public that it has plans to reveal it’s yet another product named “Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini” whereas the so called “HTC One Mini” code name for HTC M4 smartphone is not yet officially confirmed by HTC Corporation. Price of these latest flagship mini smartphones will be lower than that of its original predecessors.

Galaxy S4 Mini vs HTC One Mini


Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to include a 4.3 inch screen with super AMOLED qHD display resolution whereas HTC M4 is expected to include 4.3 inch LCD screen with 720 pixel resolution. Pixel per inch capacity of Samsung S4 Mini is believed to be 256 whereas in case of HTC One Mini it is rumored to be 341 PPI.


Samsung Galaxy S4 mini seems to come with lesser RAM than its counter part. HTC One Mini is rumored to feature 2 GB RAM whereas Samsung S4 Mini is expected to feature 1.5 GB of RAM. As of now, both these devices seem to include dual core processors. However, the clock speed of HTC One Mini is not yet leaked.


HTC One is rumored to take in 8 GB more storage capacity than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini edition. That said, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will contain 8 GB memory capacity and HTC One Mini will contain 16 GB memory capacity.


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini will feature 8 MP camera whereas HTC One Mini is alleged to contain 4 MP “Ultra-pixel” camera.

Carrier support

Until now no carriers have confirmed officially on which of these devices they would offer support. However, recent rumors suggest that AT&T carrier will support the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with its 4G LTE network. No rumors had been heard so far on which carrier would support HTC One Mini.

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