Samsung Galaxy S4 was the most anticipated smartphone of this year 2013 so far. Although the device had come out of the box with so many attractive features, customers and fans of the Korean smart phone had complaints on its less storage space issue.

The device was distributed with 9.15 GB of free internal storage space with its 16 GB internal storage edition. This has rather became a burning issue for Samsung Galaxy division and now the company has provided a recent update to address this storage space issue. The recent firmware updates (XXUBMEA) released in Germany would permit the device to yield 9.23 GB of free internal storage on its 16 GB model.

Although the download size of this recent firmware is 366 MB, it has contributed to an increase of 0.8 GB of free space to the device. We agree that it is not an applaudable improvement; however, the device owners need to understand and get aware about the fact that the recent firmware update will permit one to store and move the apps to external memory card / microSD card.


Along with this firmware update on provision to move apps to SD card, the users can observe the following changes in their Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone:

  • The camera app has been modernized with a new fangled HDR video capability.
  • Wiping issue experienced during scrolling has been resolved.
  • An enhanced legibility feature has been introduced as part of another screen oriented modification.
  • Calendar application has underwent a slight update.
  • User can ensure the secure boot status through the settings option.


Those who are interested in downloading this Samsung Galaxy S4 update can check for the availability through Kies application or from the “Settings -> about” page in the smartphone.

Hence, we believe that this new update from Samsung for Galaxy S4 in Europe market (specific to Galaxy S4 devices equipped with Snapdragon processor in Germany) is a march in the correct course. A similar subsequent update to S4 devices equipped with Exynos processor can thus be expected soon.