Microsoft and Nokia were working hard together to get the possibility of introducing Instagram application to the Windows Phone platform. Now the day has come to see the release of Instagram for Windows Phone by 26th of June 2013. This news was officially confirmed when the trusted sources had revealed to the China based publication WPDang that, “Instagram is likely coming to Windows Phone platform on 26th June”.

Instagram for Windows-Phone

Nearly 100 millions of users love the online photo shooting, photo sharing and social networking linked application named “Instagram”. Already Apple based iOS devices and Android devices are supported with Instagram application. Now, Windows based Nokia devices are going to join this category. If the release of Instagram for Windows Phone is by end of June then the Nokia users will get the opportunity to test the application just before the rumored release of Nokia EOS device. It is to be noted that the upcoming Nokia EOS device is expected to have 41 MP high resolution camera with firmware fitted to take blur free pictures and other attractive camera oriented features.

However, Windows Phone customers now do have alternative options such as “Instance” with which they can shoot nice quality photos and share it among their friends and relatives. Currently the “Instance” and other such photo sharing apps are available in Windows Phone platform and the customers have started downloading these apps and using it. However with the arrival of world renowned photo sharing application – Instagram for Windows Phone, friends and family would be able to share their likes, dislikes, comments through a chain of beautiful pictures.

Team of Windows and Nokia will be so thrilled to greet Windows Phone users to use this Instagram application on their platform. Surely the team has given their best effort to pass its customers with the best photo shooting and sharing experience on Windows phone platform. Both the partners will look ahead to seeing its customers’ photos and hearing their opinion after the release of Instagram for Windows Phone platform on June 26, 2013. So till then all we can say is to wait for the moment!!!