The new owners of DirecTV have made things simple for those hooked on to their Pay TVs in that these will cease to be dependent on a satellite dish for their content. Instead, AT&T has said they will be launching three new app-based video streaming options by Q4, 2016. Further, users won’t require being an AT&T phone customer to avail of the new service.

The entire service can be summed up as DirecTV Now, which will have almost all DirecTV stands on offer along with on-demand content. It will be accessible on any smart device that will host the compatible app.

Then there is DirecTV Mobile, which will cater to those who wish to have their content delivered on their smartphones.

Lastly, there isDirecTV Preview, which will allow viewers to sample a free version of the service but will be interspersed with ads.

AT&T though is holding back on details considered crucial for the success of the entire venture. For one, no one knows if there will be region limitations in place, for instance, a set of channels available in one location and not where one has moved away from that place.

There is no word either if there is going to be a blackout of channels once stepped out of the home.

Then, of course, there is the issue of pricing, and the best that AT&T has said their package will be competitively priced. So far as ESPN making to the DirecTV packages are concerned, AT&T said they are still holding negotiations but are unable to announce anything just yet.

For a better idea, Sling TV from rival Dish Network has a base package comprising of 23 channels on offer, which is available for $20 a month.

AT&T has further stated they wish to cash in on the current trend among homeowners to ditch conventional TV subscriptions that include a satellite dish and a set-top box, all adding to the cost of the service. Among target groups of the telecom, major will be the young professions who have just started out and are loathe paying for extra equipment for watching TV. AT&T said they are targeting 20 million US households that don’t have any subscriptions to Pay TV services right now.

AT&T’s move also comes at a time when telecom companies have been showing an increasing shift towards emerging as video hubs as well. T-Mobile has already gone off ground offering its users to stream video from various sources such as Netflix, Hulu and so on that don’t eat up the user’s current data plans.


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