Windows 10 Redstone Updates

While we have had a fairly good idea about Windows 10’s Redstone releases that would be the next major updates over Windows 10’s Threshold releases, we now have a better insight as to what improvements and fixes that Redstone builds — precisely RS1 — will actually stand for.

We also know, thanks to good folks at WinBeta that Windows 10 Redstone will actually come in two batches with the first slated to arrive in June, 2016. Thereafter, Redstone 2 wave has been pushed back to spring of 2017 from the original late-2016 launch schedule.

The first wave of Redstone, being referred to as RS1 internally, will work towards integrating various devices running Windows 10. These include PC, phone and Xbox One. As an example of what cross-device close integration stands for, Cortana will have warning messages displayed on a PC if the associated phone is found to run low on battery and so on.

RS1 will also have a heavy emphasis on the Universal App Platform and would seek to enhance the app experience on Windows Store. Towards that, Windows Store will be introduced to Xbox One while also ensuring proper and successful implementation of Project Centennial and Project Islandwood. While the former seeks to introduce Win32 apps to Windows Store, Islandwood is the platform that iOS developers can use to develop Windows-compatible versions of iOS app with the least changes made to the code.

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Microsoft is also working towards including more top-tier AAA games included, which would be compatible with both PC and Xbox One.

RS1 will also aim to further build on the concept of Continuum. According to WinBeta, this implies the ability to exchange text messages or make calls from Windows phone using a PC. Speaking broadly, Continuum will stand for bringing together various devices running Windows 10 to leverage the qualities of each for a more fulfilling user experience.

As for RS2, the chances are that the second wave of Redstone will have all those features which fail to make the cut in RS1. Of course, there will be the feature improvements and bug fixes that updates generally stand for and will largely be limited to fine-tuning the RS1 efforts as Threshold 2 (Version 1511) did over the initial release (Build 10240).

Lastly, the RS1 might be branded as per current conventions. This means RS1 might come to be known as Windows 10 Version 1606 that stands for the 6th month of 2016.

Several pre-release builds of RS1 have already been made available to Insiders in the Fast ring.


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