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The impending arrival of Windows 10 Mobile OTA Update for old Windows 8.1 phones, the seemingly never-ending saga has taken on a new turn with sources from China pointing to a new release date for the update to eventually roll out. It’s March 17 this time, which fortunately is just round the corner.

Previously we have had quite a few rumors on this, with some claiming to be from authentic sources. Take for instance the one we had earlier in the year which claimed the said update to arrive on February 29. That was from the Mexican division of Microsoft which took to Facebook to make the proclamation.

That was followed by another rumor from Vodafone Italy which claimed Windows 10 Mobile OTA Update for Windows Phone 8.1 handsets will be arriving during the week starting March 7. The revelation also included a list of eligible Windows phones that would be getting the update along with the schedule which, it must be said made for an added layer of credibility to the report. However, with that too behind us, it is another week and another such rumor confronting us.

In fact, in what can be considered to make the latest rumor on this to be a bit more optimistic, the OTA update is slated to be announced as early as today itself while making it to those in China on March 17.

Windows 10 Mobile OTA Update Release Date Leaks

The rumor has it origins in an email alleged to have been sent by Microsoft as is claimed in the Chinese site ITHome besides also having being picked up by WindowsLatest. Among the handsets, the report mentions will be benefiting from Windows 10 Mobile OTA Update include the Lumia 1520, 636, 638, 830, 930, 640, 640 XL, and Lumia 535.

Whether the latest report manages to excite existing owners of older Lumia phones remains to be seen now that it has been months since the update is due. First slated to arrive around December end, Microsoft has since been dilly-dallying with the release date ever since.

However, that is not to say things have been quiet on this front as a frenetic activity is already underway within Microsoft so as to fine tune the Windows 10 Mobile experience, plugging all the loopholes in the process while adding more features to the OS. Several updates have already been made available to Insiders in the Slow and Fast ring along with those handsets which come preinstalled with Windows 10.

However, Microsoft has not commented on the latest rumor and has not been committing to any firm release date/or schedule either. The best we have had on this from Microsoft so far is that the update will arrive soon. How soon is anybody’s guess?


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